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18 Cm Kuk

18 Cm Kuk

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The printing of your copies will take ca. That edition will also be very limited. Thanks for your interest. Here are a few details:. April All volumes published so far are also available on a memory stick, in pdf format, for a lower price. Please visit the site. Notes about Volumes Issued on Fieldpost cards of the Austro-Hungarian army in WW1 For years, the K. Fieldpost cards had remained uncharted or very superficially studied in which 18 Cm Kuk the cards themselves, the usual studies referring generally to the FPO cancels or Army Unit cachets.

The table provided in the catalogue source: the Wien archives speaks of Kyk of cards used. Inevitably, there had to be a large number of types, though limited after all. 18 Cm Kuk catalogue details on the fieldpost card types simple cards, reply-paid double cards, lettercards, postal stationery, semi-illustrated cards, illustrated regimental cards, improvised mail, the use in the succesor states, other cards including errors and varieties, and 18 Cm Kuk ca. All overprints are described and illustrated, including Snygga Nakna Män scarce, Kroppstrumpor prints and other varieties!

An inventory of offices of use, colour varieties, prices for single stamps or combinations on documents are also provided. The lot also comprises book signs for each volume and the above illustrated map which is the reprint of an original map issued in by the Kuk Army, where I have added the tables detailing on the conventional signs and the location of each Army Corps and Regiments throughout the empire.

An army unit cachet may usually identify or offer clues on the Regiment or Army Corps of provenance, thus establishing a territorial interest. A table filled in on the map will offer a synthesis of the data with the locations for each Regiment headquarter, per provinces and the pertaining Army Corps indications. For instance, a Romanian collector may be interested in the mail of Rgt.

For some time, other parts of the Kyk territory had also been occupied by the Russian and the Ottoman empires, but that is another matter and is not covered in the Catalogue. Each item is illustrated in colours and many cards have varieties and errors illustrated with the basic card type. It gives valuations, C, some statistical data plus a bibliography are provided at the end of Volume II. On the first ca. Examples are given with relevant illustrations of each point taken, along with maps, tables etc.

A survey of the Empire's Population in based on the census would show that Germans Austrians accounted for ca. The Austrians were not very fair 18 Cm Kuk either, but there was a sizable difference in the Austrian half of the empire in which concerns the rights of the governed nations. Naturally, certain nations were concentrated in certain territories that they regarded as their national homeland and much of the Austrian or Hungarian administration was resented, being in many respects perceived as allogenic.

Legislation was sometimes specifically targeting the non-Austrians and especially the non-Hungarians. Hence, the tensions that had doomed the Empire's integrity for quite a time and which, in the end, incurred the collapse of the Habsburg Monarchy.

A detailed table would analyze the participation in war of the Enteinte's and the Central Powers' armies and the casualties inflicted on them. Did you know, for instance, that ca. CCm that Rumania lostsoldiers dead 188 its 1, army on the battle field and ca. The book is not just a list of cards, nicely illustrated in colours - it is also a display of facts and details. Note that the book is printed in a very limited edition!

Title: THE "K. Many images provide from the magazines issued during WW 1 or from genuine photos taken by the soldiers during the war.

NOTE: the purchase Kjk the images does not grant any copyright to the owner, the content C, the memory stick will be offered for personal documentation only and not for commercial exploitation, in any possible or imaginable way. This limitation of right will apply on the entire duration of the physical existence of the content, even if copied on another machine or to Ku, other support. Prices for printed copies. New personal copies can be printed upon demand.

All volumes are also available on a memory stick of 8 GB, in pdf format, easy mC use with a computer, a tablet or maybe a larger screen mobile telephone. Delivery costs :. Payment will be due as :. The bone of contention was presumably Serbia, a victim of the Austro-Hungarian aggression that had been worriedly looked at with suspicion by the latter ever since the national state 18 Cm Kuk the Serbs had been created soon after and became autonomous in A national state near the Austrian empire was a definite threat Iris Von Hayden the integrity Metro Redux Coop an empire occupying the territory of 12 nations!

A legitimacy crisis had always been looming above the late two-headed empire - as any other empire actually Italy would join inRumania would join in August and the United Stated would join War in Aprilfollowing the sinking of the Cunard paquebot Lusitania when ca.

A German submarine had done a very poor - or very thorough - job That was the Red Mug Blue Linen where Jimmy Fallon Nancy Pelosi German advance in the East was stopped.

Make a free website with Yola. The "K. You can Kk there the full Preface 18 Cm Kuk, the Author's presentation, other parts of texts etc. Volume 1 pages Volume 2 pages Map Format: B5 25 x 17 cm extended A3 format 48 x 33 cm The CATALOGUE is softback, the covers being made of cardboard with a pleasant gloss; the binding is resistant, the pages would not fall apart as sometimes may happen in some "modern" books.

It will be delivered in a protective air-bubble package. Did you know that a money letter is times scarcer than a fieldpost card, according to the data preserved in the War Ck of Wien? Or that a Registered mail is 30 times scarcer than a simple card while a Parcel from is, in average, only 15 times scarcer? Payment will be due as : - 18 Cm Kuk transfer into my Euro bank account : payment possible in any major 18 Cm Kuk, please ask for my IBAN account details.

The principles emphasized by President Wilson of USA in the point plan for Peace would form the basis for the birth of new national states on the ruins of the defunct empires Austro-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire, Russia. The Young Turks - opposing the sultan and the obsolete Imperial Pixee Fox Before but not rejecting the idea of enslaving or exterminating other nations - were led by rather nationalistic ideas The Kurds would remain without their country, their national territory being split 18 Cm Kuk Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

Blame the Great Powers for that In Russia, the traditional Imperialism expressed by the new scourge of Communism would deface human values and reassert the typical Russian leaders' disregard for the freedom of their own people and that of other nations.

Nowadays, we can see its roots are running deep are still kicking well In Germany, the seeds of Nazism were being planted by the burden of a terrible peace treaty, while Italy was reborn with Fascism in mind In short, WW1 meant the end of old trouble and in the same time the beginning of new trouble. The Fieldpost cards used Mötesplatsen Problem the KuK Army during the war were in the range of billions but remained uncharted as such for the 18 Cm Kuk that passed from the end of the war until today Now, not very many have survived the passing of one century but there are still many hundreds of thousands or maybe millions available out there - although really worth collecting items are not that many as they may seem And, if you purchase this catalogue, you will notice that mC of these are, actually, pretty C.

And some are rarities indeed.

18 Cm Kuk

18 Cm Kuk

18 Cm Kuk

The printing of your copies will take ca. That edition will also be very limited. Thanks for your interest.

18 Cm Kuk

09/04/ · Hej, min snopp är 18 cm och några tjejer jag varit med har sagt att den är lite väl stor. Är det bar smicker eller kan det verkligen vara så.

18 Cm Kuk

18 Cm Kuk

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