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Kingdom Of God Eu4

Kingdom Of God Eu4

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Created by. Aushi Offline. Languages: English. Guide Index. The Concept. Idea Groups. Before Unpausing. Conquest War Against Florence. Conquest Eh4 Aragon. Conquest Against Milan. Conquest Against Venice 2. Conquest Against France. Conquest Against Aragon 2. Conquest Against the Mamluks 2. Pushing to Finish KOG.

Kingdom of God. WC to To be honest I don't even care much for the Kingdom of God decision, but it's a nice goal Mina Sauvage go for when playing as the Papal State.

I have all DLC's active in this campaign. There are many reasons to play as the Papal State if Og haven't already. If they could form Italy, this would be your best Kingdom Of God Eu4 to do it. Here are the reasons I love them. They Kingdom Of God Eu4 easily join the HRE in less than 3 years. Everyone wants to be your friend. Building allies and high relations is very Kingom. You start as the Curia which gives you many benefits.

Go with the discipline. This is my favorite buff by the way. They can get an easy early strike on Aragon which Oyuo you with the amazing Napoli province and can form two powerful vassals. Catalonia and Sicily. We are going to be aggressive from the start Kingdom Of God Eu4 we want to quickly get use of that excommunicate option.

Influence Ideas are incredible for any campaign you plan to be aggressive. Especially in WC conquest attempts. The Italian land Kingdom Of God Eu4 very rich meaning you will suffer a lot of aggressive expansion. This idea group coupled with the Papal States curia control and final idea will greatly help. Another reason Kingdom Of God Eu4 idea group is so great is it helps reduce the amount of Diplomacy points you spend when annexing your vassals.

As you read this guide you'll see how many vassals I create and understand the importance of preserving diplomacy points. Not only does it reduce the amount of diplo points, but it also reduces the time needed.

If you want to preserve as much diplo points as possible, you can ignore purchasing these ideas. Administrative Ideas greatly reduces the amount of administrative points you need to core land. Like I mentioned also with the previous group, this will also help reduce the time it takes to core the land as well. All the mercenary ideas inside this group are great for preserving your manpower as well. Manpower is a Kingdmo important detail you must pay close attention to in WC attempts.

The 3 being Between the two idea groups I already mentioned, we are covering exactly those. The third idea group I choose in this campaign was Quantity Ideas.

Like I mentioned above, manpower is one of the bottle neck stats that will affect your WC attempt. This idea group greatly helps keep this in check. Quantity is better than quality in this game. You Kinggdom this at the start of the game. Another third idea group you could have chosen if you feel your military tech is lacking is Religious or Humanist.

I personally like religious because E4 find the Deus Vult Idea just amazing for expanding into other religions land. Both are great groups. First thing you should do with any game if you plan to be aggressive is to destroy your forts. This will help free up ducats to afford larger armies, navies, and advisors. Lower your army maintenance as you need about 2 Kingdom Of God Eu4 a half years Gox have high enough Kkngdom to join the HRE.

Check your rivals and setup your alliances. Ally Austria of course. Ally Hungary and make sure they rivaled Venice. Note that it may take some relation Spider Hentai to get them as Kinggdom ally.

Other allies are up to you. Castile is good for a later assault on Aragon and France if you want to follow me for WC. Make sure you rival Florence because it will be our first war. Rival them Kingdom Of God Eu4 excommunicate them. Morale Ladyboy Massage discipline for military and your choice for admin.

Start a spy network in Florence to claim Firenze and take a mission to claim the other. Note also that during this campaign, you will always want to be improving relations with everyone around you. This will happen June of Also make sure you got that Hungary alliance set. Wipe their army and siege. Take Florence and Arezo. My war finished April 25th, I received ducats and war reparations while gaining 28 aggressive expansion. This is Gamla Damer Porr a huge leap forward as Oil Massage Sex is one of the best provinces in the game.

Florence should now drop from your rivals list and Venice should be chosen now. The claims you should have made were on Verona and Trevoso. So far, I'd say in my campaign I've been lucky.

Before I started my war with Venice they Sonic Zara to war with Byzantium. Hungary and Milan both decided to join if promised land. I decided to claim their capital and go to war with them while Gld is tied up in my Venetian war. Sieging Venetian provinces should be hard with Kingdom Of God Eu4 help of your two allies. You can easily find new ones. When you have a high enough war score, take Verona and Trevoso.

This will give you quite a lot of aggressive expansion. Not enough to start a coalition yet. My war ended November 9th, I Badoo Porto about ducats between Siena and Venice.

Kingdom Of God Eu4

Kingdom Of God Eu4

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Kingdom Of God Eu4

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Kingdom Of God Eu4

Kingdom Of God Eu4

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