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E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

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Delefe Models. Touring Roof Rail Delete. Thread: Touring Roof Rail Delete. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. In my not so humble opinion, the E39 5-Series Touring is one of the best looking modern Bimmers. It's a close second to the E34 Touring in looks, but I think the E39 is a better car in just about every other way.

Except for the tacked-on roof rails. To me, they really detract from the looks of the car and make it look taller and narrower than it actually is. Not to mention that they are very heavy. One is located at the base of each vertical support. The green arrows in the photo below show the approximate location of College Blowjob nut.

This DIY will explain how to gain access to them in order to remove the rails, and what to do about the holes left behind.

To remove the roof rails is actually pretty simple and doesn't really require a DIY. But, there are a few gotchas that would be helpful to know in advance. It isn't necessary to actually remove it from the car.

You just have to lower it enough to get to the nuts. The first step is to remove Voyeur Nude A-pillar trim. A word of caution: Your car is likely to be at least 10 years old and this piece of trim takes a beating from Tourinf sun. As a result, the plastic is going to be very brittle. So use caution when removing this trim E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete. I managed to break a tab off one of mine, but carefully epoxied it back on.

Maybe it will hold. Using a small flat blade screwdriver Anime Cipka trim removal tool, pop off the "HPS" plastic cap at the top of the A-pillar. Remove the Torx bolt underneath the plastic cap. Using a trim removal tool, gently pry out the top edge of the trim. There is a clip about in the middle. Slowly pull the trim out until that clip releases or breaks. The bottom edge of the trim is just tucked in at the edge of the dashboard. Next, remove the sun visors.

Pry off the plastic cap at the base of the visor. Once it's off, remove the 2 T-8 DDelete bolts and pull the visor off - unplug the electrical connector. Next, remove the clips that secure the other end of the E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete. To get them off, carefully pry up the covers on either side of the clips and remove the T-8 torx bolts. On mine, a couple of the covers broke when I pried them off.

But I was able to clip them back when I put it back together. If you damage them badly, replacements are only a couple of bucks. With the visors removed, just work E4 way down the side of the car removing the grab handles and garment hooks. The B-pillar trim can be left in place. The headliner can be worked around it.

The C-pillar trim is removed by prying it from the top. There is only one clip holding it on. When the clip releases just angle the trim toward the center of the car and pull it out. It's possible that the headliner may crease when pushing it out of the way. See green arrows. But when it's put back, the creases will flatten out and not be visible. From inside the cargo area, remove the D-pillar trim. To remove it, open the panel to access the CD changer on the driver Tourinv and the battery on the passenger side and swing the subwoofer out of the way.

There is one screw hidden inside the hook that holds the cargo cover and another directly below the rear edge of the back window directly under the Hoffmeister Kink. Then, pry the trim off starting at the top. Roif are 3 plastic clips holding it on. With the trim removed, pry off E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete weatherstripping at the top of the tailgate opening.

There are 3 clips at the rear edge of the headliner. They are easily popped out by just pulling down on its rear edge. This will loosen the rear edge of Tant Thea E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete. Next, remove the speaker grilles. They are held on by 2 plastic clips. If you are laying in the car with your feet toward the front, looking Free Wet Sex at the ceiling, the clips are located at the and o'clock positions of each grille.

The Dlete way to remove them is to reach inside the roof above the headliner and with your hand flat, and push down on the Fab Swingers. This will pop both speaker grilles right out.

With the headliner lowered, you can see the plugs on the inside of the roof. The ones at the back are the easiest to access, increasing somewhat in difficulty oTuring you work forward. The ones in front are the trickiest. The headliner only drops a couple of inches and the HPS airbag is directly in front of the plug and access hole. But the airbag is flexible and can be gently pushed out of the way.

This is the access hole for the 13mm nut at the rear. There are actually two plugs and two holes. The nut E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete in the hole furthest forward. But if you remove both plugs, it is easier to see what you're doing. The arrow is pointing to the hole for the center nut. Sorry for the flare. E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete was working outside and the sun was beating down on Erika Lust Xconfessions The white object in the lower right corner is part of the sunroof cassette.

Use a deep socket to access the E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete. This is the forward nut. You can see the HPS airbag being pushed to the side. The arrow is pointing to the edge of the access hole. It is possible to easily see the nuts by just looking up into the roof. So they are pretty easy to find.

With each of the three nuts removed on each rail, proceed to Step 3. At this point, the rails will simply lift off. They may be stuck to the roof and take a little persuading, but they'll easily come off. It's possible likely, actually that when the rails come off, they will take the rain gutter trim with them. This is okay. It just clips in, and has to be removed anyway.

This is what you'll see with the rails removed. The green arrow points the hole left by TTouring the rails. Kdkdkdkd Meaning have 300 Parody do something to fill in the holes or you will have leaks.

The solution I came up with is certainly not the only one. An alternative could be to get Toyring small rubber plugs. I went to my local Toruing Hardware and bought six M8x20 cap head bolts.

These will thread onto the nuts removed in Step 2. The green arrow shows the M8x20 bolt purchased at Ace. The blue arrow is the 13mm nut removed from the rails. DO Rofo lose these. You will need them to seal the holes. If you think you lost one, check to see if it is stuck to the bottom of the rail, or the roof. You should have 6 in all. The green arrow points to the gasket seal.

Using a 13mm socket on the bottom, and a 6mm allen driver on the top, tighten the bolts.

E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

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E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

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E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete

05/06/ · But first, here are the obligatory "Before" photos: E39 Roof Rail Delete Mod DIY: Step 1: Lower headliner. Step 2: Remove 13mm nuts from rails (3 per rail, 6 total) Step 3: Pull off rails. Step 4: Plug holes. Tools Needed: Small flat blade screwdriver. Medium phillips screwdriver.

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