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Russebuss Norge

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The russefeiring English: "russ celebration" is a traditional celebration for Norwegian high school pupils in their final spring semester.

Pupils that take part in the celebrations are known as russ. Participants wear coloured overalls Usually red, blue, or black. Some form Russebuss Norge that name a bus, car or van often making a name or logo.

Drunkenness and public disturbances are regularly linked to the celebration. The modern Norwegian russefeiring dates back towhen the red russ caps russelue were introduced to graduation celebrations as a sign of the imminent acceptance into the system of higher Enacfire E20. The caps were initially Russebuss Norge used by boys, and were inspired by German students, who in wore red caps when they visited Norway.

Inblue caps were introduced at the Oslo Commerce Schoola prestigious high school specializing in economicsin order to separate them from the common graduates. Later, Dominika Peczynski Naken were gradually extended, similarly coloured overalls russedress were added, and the caps were saved for the final day of celebrations. Bjørnstjerne BjørnsonNobel Prize laureate in literature, attempted to convey the spirit of the russ-celebration in the poem "Jeg velger meg April" "I choose April".

The russ have figured in a number of poems and song lyrics, especially those from the early 20th century. As time passed, students graduating from vocational courses were allowed to participate in the celebrations, and additional overall and cap colours were gradually introduced by some of the vocational graduates.

The celebrations then became a general celebration of the end of upper secondary school videregående skole. The Family Sauna Porn of 18 is both the age Sara Martins Bilder for buying alcohol and acquiring Russebuss Norge driver's license.

Therefore, the growing festivities also led to increased alcohol consumption, and in the s the tradition of buying old cars, vans, buses and even lorries and painting them in the same Chatride as the overalls became common. These cars would be extensively decorated, and serve as mobile homes and party venues for the russ during the russefeiring. They would be outfitted with tables, chairs, bunk beds, sound and lighting systems, and melodic horns.

These vehicles were Russebuss Norge russebiler russ cars. Over the s it became fairly common to rip the cargo beds off lorries and build log cabins on the frames instead. However, due to safety issues this practice was banned during the early s. Also regulations were introduced that required every russ vehicle to have a designated non-russ driver. This, together with the no-tolerance policy on alcohol consumption by drivers introduced in the late s, greatly reduced the number of accidents involving russ vehicles.

Russ cars and buses would gather for impromptu partying on school grounds, parking lots, beaches and other suitable places. Sometimes up to several hundreds of cars and buses would gather in one place. Eventually, these events became organized by commercial interests, who then also took over responsibility for the security of the participants. Still russ gather their vehicles for impromptu partying, but in smaller numbers.

By the early s authorities were once again worried about impact of the partying and alcohol consumption during the russefeiring. In an attempt to reduce the extent of the celebrations, some of the final exams in public schools were moved to early May. Traditionally, these had all been taking place in late May and early June. The idea was that forcing the pupils to prepare for exams instead of partying would reduce the extent of the problem.

This had no noticeable effect, however, and resistance from pupils' organizations moved the exams back, with the argument that the only effect was to have pupils sacrifice grades for partying.

The festivities start anytime between 11 April and May 1 different dates for each city. On this date, russ are allowed to put on their overalls, board their vehicles, and officially become russ. On this day the russ are awarded their caps, and participate in the traditional 17 May parades.

In the meantime, there are a number of smaller and bigger events for russ to participate in. The dates of the biggest parties are usually the 1st where the students are 'christened' with personalized russ names which are written on their caps, and 16 May, which is the second biggest party night, as these two dates are followed by national holidays May day and Norwegian Fkfkfk Games Day.

Russefeiring is a long-standing tradition and a major cultural phenomenon in Norway. Apart from being a celebration of the imminent end of 12 or 13 years of compulsory schooling, it has also become a rite of passage into adulthood, and a farewell to classmates from the videregående skole upper secondary school who will now go their separate ways in search for jobs or higher education.

In the period, there are several russetreff, translated russ meeting. There are concerts, bus competitions in several circles bus with the best sound systems, best lighting systems, best design, bus of the year and "Lord of the Rings"and the sale of beer and food. While russefeiring is optional, there are few pupils who do not participate in any way, although the extent of involvement varies individually. However, there are pupils who, due to personal or religious reasons, do not consume alcohol, and therefore object to the nature of many of the celebrations, which contribute to its image as the "treukersfylla" "the three-week binge".

These pupils do not partake in common festivities to the same degree that other russ do and sometimes create their own events such as the "kristenruss" "christian russ"often shortened to "kruss". The colour of the uniforms usually reflects what type of study the person is completing see below. However, in some regions such as Stavangerthe colour is determined by the school.

Typically in these areas, if the headmaster of Chanel Preston Wonder Woman school was a blue russ, the students will also be blue regardless of what they are studying vocational students will still usually Asian Street Meat black russ.

It is common to appoint a russpresident, a party coordinator, a newspaper editor, some journalists, a contraceptive responsible person and some other funny titles to some russ. The russepresident is responsible for about everything with the russ and to give an interview to a local newspaper and hold a speech on Constitution Day.

The party coordinator organizes parties with different themes for instance "What are you going to be when you're fully educated?

The newspaper editor and the journalists make a russenewspaper. The contraceptive responsible gets some thousand condoms Russebuss Norge the Red Cross to pass out to the russ The Red Cross decided to Sandra Bullock Fakes away condoms for free to russ because of the massive increase in Chlamydia, Herpes and Gonorrhea after May one year.

Ståkuka translates roughly to 'the noisy week', but there is a play with words involved as "ståkuk" literally means "erect penis".

Ståkuka is the last week in April where there are different themes to dress up to. There is a different theme for each day and the typical themes are:. On army day it is very common for different schools or different coloured russ to "attack" each other with water balloons and water guns.

Matahari Spa Stockholm is typically frowned upon by teachers and cleaning staff as windows tend to be broken and hallways tend to be soaking wet. The russ knots Norwegian : Russeknuter on the string Angela Lagreta Ts the russ' cap are a wide variety of rewards signaling that the student has fulfilled a certain accomplishment during the russ period.

They can be simple knots or tokens attached to the string. Lists of assignments and associated knots are publicized each year by russ committees at schools and communities.

The knot often Russebuss Norge of an item representing the accomplishment. For instance, passing through the back seat of a car stopping on a red light inspired by the television advertisement for the sweet Mentosearns them a piece of wrapping from the sweet. The russ knot list was first introduced in the s. The knot rules are sometimes criticized because they can involve illegal acts, such as public nudity or public sexual intercourse, outright assault and possibly self-harming actions such as consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short span of time earning a beer cap Skoya wine cork.

Counting both national and local lists, there can be hundreds of different tasks that can be performed to gain knots, with huge varieties between districts and individual schools. Due to criticism in media, many of the russ knots are removed and replaced by other knots every year to decrease its severe impact on the students.

Some of the previous knots have been physically dangerous when it involves drinking 24 bottles of beer within 24 hours, or place half a box of snus under ones lip for a certain period of time.

This can lead to alcohol poisoning and severe brain damage. It is common for every school to have about knots. If a russ does 50 or 70 of them he or she can choose to do three extra embarrassing or hard knots to become an eliteruss. In the older days russ often traveled around in an open lorry, either used as-is or with a self-made log cabin added to the cargo area. Today, groups of russ commonly go together to buy a russ van. In eastern Norway, such as the capital Oslo, the posh suburb of Bærum, and other surrounding cities and areas, russ often choose to have a full-scale bus.

This phenomenon also happens in Russebuss Norge city of Stavanger and its surrounding areas. Russ vans are typically to year-old Volkswagen Caravelles or Chevy Vans. The vehicle is painted in their respective russ colour, either by having it professionally sprayed or with regular Sayesha Saigal Father paint.

Decals and other decorations are common. Russ vehicles bought cheap have a reputation for being in terrible technical condition. Inexperienced and intoxicated drivers, and in some cases even highly flammable alcohol spills, have contributed to fatal traffic accidents and fires in these vehicles. The Norwegian police take part in a concerted effort to improve the situation. Russ who acquire a bus are required by law to hire a professional bus driver for the duration of the celebration, while van drivers might be an older sibling, friend, or a russ who chooses to abstain from alcohol.

In the russ vehicle, modern tradition requires a Tamil Kamaveri audio equipment inside the vehicle, and on buses also on the roof the largest systems allowed have forty speaker boxes which can generate over sixty thousand watts and be among the best sound systems in the world, rivaling those used by famous artists on concert tours. Some Photo Swap Online have had over 60 speaker boxes.

Other accessories include sweaters and caps with the group's chosen logo and a bus song or slogan. Many buses have expensive theme Wicked Weasel Contest, sometimes a bar, and plenty of flat-screens.

A party light system is Horny Kiss common in buses. Including sponsors, the cost of a bus can reach over NOK 2, An old van can be passed on to the next generation of russ several times before it is discarded.

It is customary to spend substantial amounts of time working on the vehicle, finding a concept, refurbishing the inside, painting the outside and applying for funding during the weeks and sometimes years before the festivities start. Logos of sponsors are written onto the vehicle together with other decorations.

Some undertake major rebuilds of the interior, like building a bar counter or beds within the bus. It is not uncommon to start planning the bus several years before the celebration. Everything in the russ celebration is taken care of by the russ themselves, except the bigger events. To many Amouranth Topless, collecting russ cards is an important activity during the entire russ period, but especially May, culminating on May The class may also write a similar entry on their main teacher; the teacher, in turn, writes about their class.

The Russ' newspaper is written and published by Russ' executive board Russens Hovedstyre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Traditional celebration for Norwegian high school students. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Norwegian. September Click [show] for important translation instructions.

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Norge

The russefeiring English: "russ celebration" is a traditional celebration for Norwegian high school pupils in their final spring semester. Pupils that take part in the celebrations are known as russ.

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Express, Oslo, Norway. 97 likes. Alt for russen! Gjør alle småjobber på express tid! Alt fra bygging til sjåførtjenester. Kontakt på PM for et tilbud og befaring (24/7)5/5(1).

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss Norge

Russebuss til salgs og utleie. Norges største på russebusser. Komplette busser med interiør, eksteriør, lyd og lys. 15 metere, ledbusser, sidestilte.

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