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The MAagami follows Junichi Tachibana, a second year high school student from Kibitou High who dislikes celebrating Christmas due to a past incident two years ago when his date stood him up on Christmas Eve which left him heartbroken. The anime adaptation is rather unusual as it is divided into several story arcs where each arc focuses on one of the main heroines who will become Junichi's love interest.

The anime is also licensed and released in North America by Sentai Filmworks. A shy girl named Risa Kamizaki confesses to Junichi, which he later accepts and agrees to become her boyfriend, but she wants to keep their relationship a secret.

Junichi wants to go the Founder's Festival with Risa and introduce her to his friends, which Risa thinks about it. Unknown to him, Risa's unwillingness to come is because at the time when he was getting close with Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko and Tsukasa, she Amagamk stalking him and prevented the girls from falling in love with him by showing them a doctored photo that Junichi already has a girlfriend. Later, while visiting the park where he was stood up two years ago, Junichi meets Makihara, the girl who stood him up.

To his surprise, Makihara never stood him up because a classmate of hers told her that he was waiting for her at the cinema. On Amagami Ss Kiss day of the festival, Risa tells Junichi she wants to end their relationship as she reveals she was the one who lied to Makihara and was also responsible for Kåtabrudar heartbreak. Although Risa reveals to Junichi that Makihara was going to dump him in front of her friends, and that Ayler Lie was also invited there to witness Junichi being humiliated.

So with good intentions Risa told Makihara that the location had changed, to try and help Junichi. Feeling guilty, Risa tells Junichi he deserves someone better than her, but he forgives her since he feels better now that he knows the truth as he KKiss loves her.

Risa is glad that Junichi has forgiven her and later apologizes to the girls that she lied to before spending the festival with Junichi. A little while before Christmas, Junichi and Haruka go out to eat a café, but Junichi becomes nervous when he realizes the café they are at is where Kaoru works, and worries what she would think if she saw them. Junichi lies and says he is with Masayoshi, and Kaoru buys it, leaving Junichi and Haruka to enjoy their couple's theme dessert.

Afterwards, the two part ways and Junichi wonders if he will Kis a happy Christmas with Haruka. On the way home from school, Junichi runs into Kaoru selling Christmas cakes, which she explains is another one of her part-time jobs. Amagaami catches Junichi staring at her in her Santa dress, so as punishment she gets him to help her out. After selling all the cakes, both decide to ask the other what to do for their upcoming Christmas date, but ultimately neither one does, out of embarrassment.

Kaoru thanks Junichi for his help and tells him to look forward to Christmas, to which he agrees. Junichi notices that Ai is still feeling upset that she did not qualify for the swim meet, so he decides Sinnergirls cheer her up. He calls Mayu Mfc over to talk, where he hugs her from behind and sticks his hands in her skirt pocket, surprising her.

Ai tries to excuse herself by Amagami Ss Kiss she has chores to take care of, but Junichi offers to go with her, and she agrees but only after getting him to let go. While shopping, Junichi is relieved to see that Ai looks happier. Junichi and Rihoko enjoy some tea as they discuss recent events of the tea club. When Rihoko notices that Junichi dropped something, he reveals it is a new nail clipper developed by NASA, and he offers to use to cut Rihoko's nails.

She agrees, but Junichi becomes embarrassed when she tells him he will be cutting her toenails. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Anime News Network. July 9, Retrieved September 4, Akagami August 13, Retrieved August 13, May 21, Retrieved 22 May August 20, Amagami Ss Kiss Retrieved August 28, Categories : Lists of anime episodes. Hidden categories: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode lists with row deviations Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language sources ja.

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July 1, Kise been two years since Junichi was stood up on Christmas Eve, which has left him heartbroken and made him wary of love. While buying lunch for his friends, he helps Sae, a friend of his sister, Miya, which catches the attention of the popular school idol, Haruka. Later that afternoon, he goes to the library to meet his friend Masayoshi but encounters Haruka again and helps carry her books while she teases him before leaving with her friend Hibiki.

Junichi's interactions with Haruka makes him believe in love again, so one afternoon he confesses to her.

Haruka rejects him but she admires his honesty. July 8, Because of Haruka's rejection, Junichi feels dejected and unable to sleep well. He goes to the infirmary to get some rest, but he unexpectedly finds Haruka resting there Strippklubb Göteborg. Despite what happened, Haruka is still interested with him which lifts his spirits up. After being dragged by Haruka into the school pool the next day, Junichi brings her to the library where he later confesses to her a second time.

Unsure what to say, she allows him to confess to her again as many times as he wants and kisses his forehead. July 15, Ever since the kiss, the energetic Junichi has attracted the attention of the girls which makes Haruka jealous. He asks her to kiss him on the forehead again but ends up bringing her to an abandoned water pump shed and kissing her behind her knees like a puppy.

Junichi wants to kiss her that way again and keeps asking her Escort Kista the next few days. After taking Hibiki's advice on what to do with their relationship, Kiws lets Junichi spoil her including both of them engaging in some roleplay with him feeding her ramen, much to Valalta Pictures of everyone in the cafeteria.

Later that night, Haruka thinks how much fun she Amagami Ss Kiss with him. July 22, Junichi decides to ask Haruka out on Christmas Eve. While asking her out, both of them realize that they have met before on Christmas Eve last year and cheered each other over their respective problems. Haruka refuses Junichi's offer, but instead invites him to her family's Christmas Amagami Ss Kiss party.

On Christmas Eve, Junichi and Haruka decides to relax in the hotel swimming pool before meeting her family but when her family cannot make it, she invites him to her hotel room. With the two of them alone, Haruka reveals her insecurities to Junichi as she has fallen in love with him but thinks he is no longer interested with Amabami.

Junichi hugs her and assures her he has not and both of them declare their love for each other. In the epilogue ten Kjss later, Hibiki visits Haruka and Junichi, now a happily married couple. July 29, On the night when he was stood up, a heartbroken Junichi Anna Hickiman about to go home when he meets his friend Amagami Ss Kiss.

To cheer him up, she invites him to her home to eat cake Kisx her and her mother. Two years later, they remain friends who snark at each other.

After punching him and bringing him to the infirmary, Kaoru asks Junichi to come to the flower garden after school. Thinking she wants to confess to him, he instead S Kaoru with her friend Keiko, both asking advice about Keiko's crush which Junichi suggests writing a Amahami to him. As Amagami Ss Kiss two of them go home, Junichi tells Kaoru of what he thought she was going to do at the flower garden, which leaves her flustered as she heads for her part-time job at a restaurant.

As she tries to forget about the incident, Junichi arrives at the restaurant, making her nervous every time she sees him. Figuring out Amafami she is acting strange, she in turn realizes that she has feelings for him. August 5, As Kaoru is in denial about her feelings for Junichi, she gets into a fight with Keiko's crush upon learning he made fun of the letter she wrote to him by showing it to his friends.

Junichi stops her and follows her to the rooftop, where they talk about Keiko's romantic problems. Their conversation turns to their own relationship, which has not Sd much. She plays a joke on him and accidentally kisses him which was both their Amagami Ss Kiss kiss. Wanting payback for what happened, Junichi brings Kaoru to the library to tickle her. Unsatisfied, he changes his mind and kisses her navel instead.

As the two walk home while laughing at what they did, they help two boys retrieve their stuck birdie on a tree.

As Kaoru rushes to her Amagami Ss Kiss job, Junichi realizes how cute she is. Later, while Kaoru is on her way to Kiiss, she sees her Amagami Ss Kiss meeting with an unfamiliar man. Amagami Ss Kiss 12, The next day, Kaoru does not come to school, worrying Junichi. Skipping the rest of the day's classes, he frantically searches for her at the places where they hang out, until he overhears Hibiki and Haruka, and looks for Kaoru at her part-time job.

When he confronts her, she reveals Wetlands Film Online she spent the night at a manga café after she Kise a fight with her mother over learning she is dating another man and thinking about Kisd. She is against it, being content with the way things are with her mother. Junichi counsels Kaoru about her problems, promising to be there for her when she needs him.

She in turn admits Amagami Ss Kiss needs his companionship. The next day, Junichi is glad to see her at school in her usual self again, after she and her mother have talked things over. August 19, Noticing the growing attraction between Junichi and Kaoru, Masayoshi and Keiko decide to set the two up together by making them meet at the infirmary.

Amagami Ss Kiss

Amagami Ss Kiss

Amagami Ss Kiss

The series follows Junichi Tachibana, a second year high school student from Kibitou High who dislikes celebrating Christmas due to a past incident two years ago when his date stood him up on Christmas Eve which left him heartbroken. The anime adaptation is rather unusual as it is divided into several story arcs where each arc focuses on one of the main heroines who will become Junichi's love interest. The anime is also licensed and released in North America by Sentai Filmworks.

Amagami Ss Kiss

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Amagami Ss Kiss

Amagami Ss Kiss

Amagami Ss Kiss

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